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How Dangerous Is Sepsis?

Sepsis can be due to bacteria, viral or fungal infection. Whatever might be the cause, the ultimate truth is that sepsis is very dangerous. Some of the possible complications that can occur as a result of sepsis are:

Septic shock


Organ failure

Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Renal dysfunction


It is worth noting that the chances of death in case of sepsis are higher as compared to other medical problems. That’s the reason why aggressive treatment is recommended when sepsis is suspected. Sepsis is actually the third most common cause of death in the United States. Sometimes non fatal injuries take form of sepsis and lead to fatal and life threatening complexities. Sepsis is body’s inflammatory response to the infection. However, the severity of the response depends upon the kind of infection whether viral, fungal or bacterial; duration of infection, age etc. It is important that treatment is done properly because if left untreated it can ruin the health of the patient. Symptoms include fever, shivering, skin rashes, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeats, decreased urine etc. Sepsis can happen to anyone. But it is mainly common among men than women. It is also worth noting that people around 55-60 and above are more prone to this kind of health problem.



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